Setting up.

Sitting in the filtered afternoon sun with Juno planning some adjustments, modifications and additions to the motorhome.

Random Ideas jotted in my notebook:

Measurements and sketches for cutting down sun reflectors to place in the side widows and sunroof.
A drawing of one of those cool little rope hammock things for storing fruit in.
A clip on herb pot for the kitchenette. A magnetic notice board. Hooks for hats.

That sort of stuff.

And a wish-list of more practical items:

  • Tire pressure generator.
  • Toolkit. Three question marks next to this one.
  • Leveling ramps.
  • External BBQ.
  • More comfortable outside chairs.
  • Filter for the fresh water hose.


I guess she is going to need a name. Because thats what you do when you have a relationship with something big like this.

Author John Steinbeck made his famous wanderlust adventure across 10,000 miles of America in a GMC pickup with custom slide on camper-shell.
He named it Rocinante after Don Quitote’s horse.

Then the Blues Brothers had the Bluesmobile, and even Beyonce has a Jaguar named Honeybee.

I recently watched a video that included a camper van named Ripley.
And, being a fan of the first Alien movie, I sort of liked that.
I think I’ll steal it.

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