Homemade Wanderlust.

Jessica ‘Dixie’ Mills is an avid hiker/backpacker living in the USA.

In 2015 she successfully completed a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail that runs a total of 3,500 kms up the east side of the U.S. from Georgia in the South to Maine in the north.
During that hike she began documenting her journey on YouTube.

In 2017 Jessica (Dixie is her ‘trail name’) finished (or as she would put it… whooped) the Pacific Crest Trail, another 4,265 km walking trail running from Mexico to Canada through California, Oregon, and Washington.
This year she is planning to complete the so called ‘Triple Crown’ by completing the 5,000 km Continental Divide Trail.

When Jessica first started back on the Appalachian trail she had never hiked overnight in her life. Plenty of people told her she was crazy.

Instead she proved to be an inspiration.

Below you can follow her journey (both outwards and inwards) along the Pacific Crest Trail in a suite of 35 of short, well crafted and often visually stunning (man, those national parks are awesome) videos.

As you get to know her you will surely appreciate her positive attitude, love of nature (particularly for those smaller things that so many of us would simply walk right by), enthusiasm for life, and simple dogged determination to be the best she can be.


Website: Homemade Wanderlust. Lots of useful advice, tips and gear reviews for anyone interested in hiking or anyone interested in undertaking their own extended thru hike.

Instagram: @homemadewanderlust


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