Corn on the cob. I’ll bet you are doing it all wrong.

I love eating piping hot corn on the cob.
Normally I buy it from the supermarket already peeled, and cut up, and sitting snug in its environmentally nasty plastic packaging.
It also tends to be covered in stringy bits that are frustrating to remove. You know what Im talking about.

Recently, someone showed me the way I should be cooking and serving it.
And it has changed my life forever.

Now I am going to change yours…..

Buy it.

When looking to pick the el primo corn on the cob at the markets it is considered bad mojo to actually peel back the husk to check the kernels1 (it also removes mother natures protective packaging and the corn will begin to dry and shrivel).

Instead, look for a bright green husk that is tightly wrapping the cob. Those curly brown fibrous thingies at the pointy end of the husk ( they are actually called the silk, or tassels) should be pale yellow or just turning brown, and be sticky or slimy to the touch.

Cook it.

Ok. The hard part is over.
You just need to pop the whole cob in your microwave. Leave the husks on.
The corn will steam cook inside them.
Around 4 min on high for each cob being cooked. So for 3 cobs being cooked at once hit them with 12 minutes (this is a rough guide and depends on individual microwaves).

Cut the husk about 1.5 cm from the stalk.
Cut the husk about 1.5 cm from the stalk.

Peel it.

Once cooked take the cobs out. They are going to be super hot so using oven gloves or a tea-towel is advised.

  1. Now place the corn on a stable cutting surface. Continue to use the oven glove to hold it for the next bits.
  2. Ust a sharp knife to cut the cob about 1.5 cm from the BLUNT stubby end.
    Cut it all the way through.
  3. Use your stabilising hand to squeeze the corn cob out of the husk and straight onto the plate. Think: squeezing toothpaste out of a tube. Technically it is called shucking.
  4. The corn cob will pop out smooth as silk and there will be no fibrous stringy bits attached.
  5. Wow.
Clean, hot, and no strings attatched.
Clean, hot, and no strings attatched.


A little butter.
Some pepper to season. Some dental floss for afterwards.

Yum. Can I have another one?


  1. Food52
  2. Eating well.
  1. If you are going to peek, you are looking for bright, tightly packed rows.


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  1. Always a great source of best practice Ian .xx

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