I’m about to head into Sesshin ( a meditation retreat) for the next 7 days. So I will be untethered, uncontactable and off-grid for that time.

This seems like a good time to disconnect myself from a few other things too. I have taken breaks from using Facebook in the past and have been thinking on this again lately.

In light of the continuing unethical and unsettling behaviours from the Facebook behemoth, I have decided that I will no longer be posting on, or interacting with, Facebook, Instagram (owned by Facebook) or Twitter for the foreseeable future.

I am nothing in the grand architecture of these big companies, but by withdrawing my participation I am joining the growing number of people now opting out of the corporate social media platforms, and engaging instead in developing more democratised and decentralised internet.

If you want to follow me, or contact me you can do so from right here at shojiwax.com.

You can add this website to an RSS feed aggregator ( I recommend Feedly) or just bookmark it in your browser and pop by from time to time.

See you in 7 days!

One response to “Untethered.”

  1. Ian I wish you all the best on your Journey and please meditate for your colleagues past and present…you are our inspiration..


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