Juno on wheels.

Kelly and I have been trying to work out a way that we can take Juno out with us on our bikes when we are away travelling.

One option is to use a purpose built dog trailer (or child trailer) that pulls behind the bike. But these things are bulky (and expensive) and require extra storage space. Which is at a premium when travelling on Ripley.

So I have been experimenting with a rack box. This morning I put together this prototype to see how Juno rides in it, and how safe it would be.

After bolting a plastic storage box securely to my rack, I added some safety ropes that clip onto Junos harness.  If we decide to go with this option I would be adding a thin layer of foam padding to the bottom of the box.

The box does seem to be a pretty good fit size wise. And he can lay down quite snugly in it if he wants.

During a couple of small excursions around the back garden Juno seems happy enough being chauffeured about.  And quite content to sit and let the world slide effortlessly by.
So on first blush, this certainly seems to be an easy travel solution.

Tomorrow, I will take him out on a longer test ride. My main concerns are that he could be catapulted out of the box when going over bumps etc. So we will take it slow and steady, and see how he handles it.

One response to “Juno on wheels.”

  1. Well I approve of the pimped up ride. Macgyver would surely approve. Juno looks chuffed. Happy trails to you.


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