May trip north.

Well its been a little while now since Ripley took us for a decent ride.
But that is all about to be sorted.
In a couple of weeks Kelly, Juno and I will be heading north on a 4 week trip up to the Sunshine Coast.

We have just fitted a Thule bike rack so we can have the additional option of exploring a little further on two wheels. I also bolted a box onto my bike so Juno can be included.

Kelly gives Ripley a spruce up in preparation.
Kelly gives Ripley a spruce up in preparation.

As yet our plans remain pretty vague & flexible, and will probably remain so throughout the trip. We are thinking visits to Tamworth, Armidale, Tenterfield and Toowoomba are on the cards, before we swing out past lake Wevenhoe, on to Noosa and then turn tail and hug the coast back home.

We are determined to take it slow, stop frequently, and enjoy the journey itself rather than endure long days of driving to get to any set destination. So waypoints will be set to weather and whim.

The word potter ( to occupy oneself in a desultory but pleasant way) comes to mind. We are going to potter our way north.

One response to “May trip north.”

  1. Hi Ian why don’t you take a Sojourn to Bribie Island Caravan Park on the water at Bongaree…beautiful..I can send a Pic if you like …


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