Getting Ripley Ready for Launch.

Spent the entire day getting Ripley ready for our 4 week road trip.

It was one of those days where everything seems to take three times longer than you expected it would.
Seemed simple enough on my checklist:

  • Check oil, water and tyre pressures.
  • Food inventory and restock.
  • Prep chemical toilet.
  • Grocery shop.
  • General clean out and spruce-up.
  • Pack clothes and stuff.

But it took ALL day.

Luckily, Ripley has plenty of overhead storage lockers!

We are planning to head off tomorrow sometime.
An old mentor of mine used to run group 4WD trips around Australia, and when his clients would ask what time they should be ready to head off he would say: “half past.”
“Half past what?” they would ask.
“Just….half past

And that is the spirit we intend to travel in this trip. No hurry. No timeline. No destination.

Cleaning out the kitchen and taking food inventory. Popcorn…. check! Vodka cruisers….check!

We think we would like to get as far north as Noosa and then drop down and hover a while around Byron Bay Area (one of my personal favourite places). And we are going to take the inland route on our way up. But that is just a vague notional plan. We will adapt and adjust as things unfold.

Almost locked and loaded. You can tell Autotrail is a European brand….check the umbrella holder built into the door!

One of the ideas we hope to emulate from our last trip is to make a point of stopping and taking time to poke around towns and places that we would usually pass right by in our hurry to ‘be somewhere nice’.

Last trip we discovered some really amazing places (a for example: Jugiong and Yackandandah) simply because we slowed down and took the roads less travelled (at least by us). ‘

Juno got a pre-trip bath and spent the afternoon making sure he looked extra cute so we would not forget him.

So. I will try to keep logging our trip here over the next few weeks. You can pop back later to catch up with our travels or subscribe in the box below for an email update.
We would love to hear any feedback or comments or suggestions on things to do/see as we go!

First time we have taken our bikes away with us. Note Juno’s bike box, so he can join the adventures.

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One response to “Getting Ripley Ready for Launch.”

  1. Have so much fun. Will watch and enjoy vicariously.

    Hope my WiFi works whilst I am in Canada so i can follow your trip whilst I am on mine!
    Paula j


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