Leisurely morning pottering about and checking we had not forgotten anything vital before finally mounting up and pointing Ripley north.

It was a brisk windy morning out on the highway and when Ripley presented her side to the gusting breeze it often felt more like sailing than driving.

After an hour or so we made a quick stop for McCoffee and and gave Juno an opportunity to catch up with his pee-mails.

Coffee stop.

Boorowa (population: 1,211) is a quiescent town about 116 km northwest of Canberra. Despite the obvious agricultural heritage, it is dotted with some funky coffee shops and craft retailers. You kinda get the feeling that the town is really making an effort to open up to travellers passing through.

Autumn colours on show in Boorowa's  memorial park.
Autumn colours on show in Boorowa’s memorial park.

Boorowa was established as a farming village in 1843. It was a pretty wild place back then with long running disputes amongst locals, frequent raids by bushrangers, arson, cattle rustling, murders and a generalised wild-west lawlessness.

But those days are long past. Boorowa is now a lovely quiet little stop (with a caravan park and some great opportunities to snug in for a little free camping).

Down a side street we stumbled upon Ripley's great great grandfather!
Down a side street we stumbled upon Ripley’s great great grandfather!

Old building ? being renovated. Check the beautiful staircase.

After a slow stroll up and down the main street checking out the craft and op-shops, and a stroll down to the river, we set sail for Cowra.

Boorowa bridge.
Boorowa bridge.
Juno in his favourite travellng position.

3 responses to “Boorowa”

  1. Following your journey with great enjoyment. Love to you both ( oh and Juno ) xxxx


  2. Looking forward to all the Photo’s….great start..


  3. Kerry Woolridge Avatar
    Kerry Woolridge

    Have fun


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