Awoke to a chilly white morning.
Even Juno, who usually bounces around on top of us until someone takes him out for a pee, took a squinting one-eyed look out the window before nuzzling even more deeply into his well curated warm spot, flipping legs up in the air, and relapsing into deep sleep.

Eventually I did get up and put the kettle on. In a motorhome this is easily only one giant step away from the bed. Nice.

Tea brewed for Kelly and me and it was back under the the covers to sip and simmer my thoughts and do nothing but watch the steam twist and curl in a million tiny white worlds.

By and by we were up and dressed and deciding to grab breakfast in the next town up the road. Thankfully it doesn’t take hardly any time to tidy such a small space from the previous evenings inevitable explosive mess; dishes washed, bed made, dog toys stowed, blinds up, windows sealed, gas off…all buttoned up and ready to ride.

We glided down into the township of Uralla (pop 2,300) for coffee and raisin toast, which we took outside at the one table set in a shaft of morning sun.

Then a lap of the main street. Unfortunately being a Monday, many of the tourist type shops were shut tight.

We did find a neat antique shop full of eclectic bits and bobs. Including this a huge stack of old pianola rolls.

Tonight we are staying at the Beardy Creek Heritage rest area just a few clicks north of Glen Innes.
(GPS: -29.662770 151.775724)

This is a another free camping area (suitable for self contained rigs) with a large flat grassy area. There is a singe ‘long drop’ toilet and no drinking water available.

The site is neat and tidy and far enough off the highway that we will are unlikely to be bothered by road noise overnight. It seems like a popular site with at least 7 other caravans and motorhomes (and one car camper) easily sharing the space.

Now, Im not exactly sure what a ‘long drop’ toilet means exactly, but tomorrow morning I will count the ‘drop’ seconds and report back to you if it is suitably impressive in depth.

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