This morning we drove the short distance down the Bruce highway and into Eumundi (pop. 1,924).

Famous for its craft and produce markets (held every Wednesday and Saturday since 1979), the town was pretty quiet this Friday morning.

The last time we visited Eumundi it was in the midst of a freezing torrential downpour over 10 years ago, so it was nice to take our time and explore the place in a magnificent blue sky, 23 degree celsius frame of mind.

As well as the usual mission to seek out a noteworthy cup of coffee, we were running low on some basic supplies and needed to restock.

The funky Berkelouw Cafe did not disappoint with the caffination hit, and even better still, it was right next to a great bookshop.


Next stop Noosa.

We fully expected parking to be a nightmare in Noosa on a Friday lunchtime, especially in a rig as robust as Ripley….so our original plan was to avoid driving into the thick and thin of it, park on the outskirts and ride our bikes in.

But in the spirit of our journey thus far, I thought….lets just do something we don’t think we can do.

We drove right on past our comfort zone, and were rewarded with an easy access, primo free parking spot to dock Ripley. Just a short 2 min walk from downtown Noosa.
Who dares wins I guess.

Anyways, Noosa was Noosa. Lots of high end retail, expensive restaurants, beautiful people and suchlike. But it was OK, I guess. The beach was glorious.

Oh. and I found this small wooden owl that I brought as a gift for Kelly.

We sat for a while at a cafe and watched all the interesting things unfold around us.
Quite a few people stopped to fuss over Juno (and one lady even wanted to take his picture) which he soaked up blissfully.

One response to “Eumundi”

  1. Gee that was lucky in Noosa…..usually have to do a circuit or two when we go there….


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