Month: July 2018

The story of Resus bed 1.

Here are 3 remarkable true stories about the very same bed space in the emergency department where I worked:  Resuscitation Bed 1. The first story I wrote after an incident with a colleague at work. […]

Betty’s Death.

Some time ago  we had a 98 yo lady (whom I will call Betty), transferred to our emergency department from a local nursing home. Betty was having palliative care at the nursing home and was […]

Bee line.

Many years ago I was away with friends staying in some cabins over yonder in Kangaroo Valley. The cabins had a large spa… and after a long day of hiking around, it was inevitable that […]

Take One, Leave One.

Parked my bike outside our local public library today and saw this.

where the sun falls.

  I have this spot I like to go to. Early in the morning, after I have finished sitting zazen1. Usually sometime between  7 and 9 am, when a shaft of late winter sun falls […]