Take One, Leave One.

Parked my bike outside our local public library today and saw this.

At first I thought it was just a coat rack. But on closer investigation I discovered it was this clever initiative started by students from the Australian National University.

People in need, visiting the library on a cold Canberra day can simply select a coat that fits and take it.

Such a simple thing.

The Winter Coat Project was founded by four ANU students – including ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) graduates Jenna Allen and Dylan O’Beirne, and current students Lauren Dreyar (from the ANU College of Law), and Bhavani Kannan (from CAP) with a view to improving the lives of those in need during Canberra’s characteristically long, cold winters.

The simple concept involves members of the community donating old coats, via donation bins. The bins are cleared regularly and the coats are then cleaned, repaired and rehomed via clothes racks set up at locations across the city. The racks are in places accessible to homeless people, allowing them to browse at their convenience.  — ANU

Turns out the project has been up and running since early May, but you know… Im kinda slow to pick up on these things. There have been coat racks available at various community locations throughout Canberra.


You can check their Facebook page for updates.
For enquiries email t1l1.wcp@gmail.com

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