Month: August 2018

The PAT slide.

He was a big man. In the midst of a big code. And he was in big trouble. We needed to move this man from the MRI table back onto his bed in a real […]

Kangaroo encounters.

Today I went for a late afternoon ride on some access trails around the nearby Mt Taylor. Even though it was a fairly sunny day there was already a crisp chill in the air that […]

10 Floors.

This story from my nursing career is so preposterous that is must be absolutely true. As indeed, and I am prepared to swear on a stack of bedpans, it is.   TENTH FLOOR: I had just […]

Campervan vs Caravan

We have been traveling around in Ripley for a little while now. And Kelly & I both feel pretty comfortable understanding what she can and cannot do. Overall, I would say we are exceedingly happy […]

Canberra Firestorm.

On Saturday 18th January 2003 a freak and devastating firestorm tore through my city. 4 people died and over 500 homes were destroyed. It resulted in the 2nd largest single hospital disaster response in Australian […]

7 days of meditation.

In a couple of weeks I will be going off to sit my butt down on a small round cushion for 7 days of intense meditation. I say intense, because despite the appearance of not […]