Pack Light.

“Pack light,
Throw your keys in the river and cancel all your contracts. Grab a guitar, bring your best friends and
hit the road. See the world, taste the ocean and feel
the concrete under your bare feet. Play music with no
witness but the moon, with no concern of who’s
listening or what they think. Dance in the rain, sleep
under the stars and taste as much of the universe as
you can. Here’s to cheap wine straight from the bottle, coffee in the morning with someone you love
and intelligent conversations about things that matter, roses and butterflies. Here’s to escapism, and
new beginning every day. To libraries, coffee shops
and foreign cities where no one knows your name.
Here’s to facing our fears, to all the things, views and
feelings yet to be discovered, yet to be explored.
Here’s to all the beautiful things we will see
and grow to be.
Heres to how I found you,
and here’s to how you found me.”

   ― Charlotte Eriksson


Charlotte Eriksson is an author, poet, songwriter and vagabond originally from Sweden.
You can find out more about her and her work here.

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