Month: September 2018

Giving paracetamol to your kids for fevers. The facts.

  So you are away travelling and your child develops a fever. They seem otherwise OK and are still running around like crazy. But you are concerned that they might be getting sick. Should you […]

10 stoic guidelines to consider.

My friend Doug Bruns from over at The House I Live In is participating in Stoic Week which begins on October 1st. Go read his post about it. Stoicism, at least modern stoicism examines the […]

Beach Zen.

I recently came across this picture in my Instagram feed and I thought it was pretty cool. Just a group of zen practitioners fooling around at the beach. But also pretty good reminder (for me […]

Battle of the Bindii

Well it’s that time of the year. Bindii plants are strategically emerging all over our back lawn. If not located out and and destroyed, they will soon enough deploy their heinous prickly burs. For our […]


If the parks and wilderness areas must preserve anything, even at the cost of unpopularity, it must be this: the possibility of contact with wild forms of being. This requires two things. First, we must […]

Our magnetic dog.

Juno tends to be a bit of a people magnet, which is funny as he really is much more interested in making friends with other dogs than humans. But the collateral fallout from his magnetism […]