Aloneness not loneliness.

Photo credit: Craig Childs.

I have recently begun following Emergence Magazine.
Emergence Magazine is a quarterly online publication that explores stories of ecology, culture and spirituality and their emerging connections. It includes longform stories, photo essays, and podcasts presented in a visually engaging format.

The most recent edition has a great read, On Being Alone,  by Craig Childs, a writer and teacher from western Colorado in the USA.

In this piece, Craig explores his experiences of aloneness and solitude during a 5 day canoe trip down the Green River in southeast Utah.

“I’m not a hermit. I often welcome the company of others, sometimes I crave it. I like the way ravens preen each other, the thoughtful, intimate touches; the way their beaks sometimes rest against each other. But how striking is the one alone in the sky, cut out of a shadow and suspended above the earth?” Craig Childs

I recommend putting aside a few minutes to settle in with a cup of coffee and slow read this story.
You can also select to listen to the author narrate it (which is pretty cool).
There are some other very interesting stories in this issue that are also worth a look.

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