Bed bound.

It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Outside, a cold and a blustery wind rises and falls. An occasional far off rolling thunder admonishing it’s lack of commitment.

I am wrapped snugly in my doona. Listening to the sound of gentle rain on Ripley’s roof.

I can see from the grey morning light that there will be no hurry today. After a while I scoot over and put the kettle on. Cups, teabags, some brown sugar for Kelly. Then scoop back under.

Rain on the roof. Tea on the boil. A quiet light over it all.

Kelly and Juno curled beside, both still sleeping. The kettle warms with a tic tic tic.

You know when you make a cup of tea exactly the same way as you always do, and for some reason this cup of tea tastes extra ordinary?

I know it will be like this.

No hurry. No destination. Just steeping in the present moment.

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