The perils of life in a campervan.


The picture shows Juno looking on concernedly as Kelly applies an ice pack to her wrist and some Gin & Tonic to her pride.

We were just closing up Ripleys blinds for the night Kelly was leaning waaaaay forward to reach the side window at the very moment I cracked a particularly hilarious joke. In the ensuing laughter, Kelly overbalanced slipped forward on the seat, and fell down between the seat and the dashboard.

She landed with her wrist crumpled under her and for a moment we thought she had done some serious damage. But after a few moments of self assessment Kelly was confident that she had dodged anything orthopaedic and instead probably sustained a simple sprain.

Problem was that she was now all akimbo jammed and stuck under between the seat and the front console.

Being an ex emergency department nurse, I sprang into action to reassure her that despite her predicament we would probably be fine to continue our trip and I would be able to pass her snacks and water through the passenger side window and give her regular updates on what a great time we are having.

For some reason this suggestion seemed to give her superhuman strength and she popped out from her confined space like an infuriated champagne cork. Um…..exactly as I had planned.

So now she is icing her wrist and I am topping up her G&T. And after a few hasty top ups to extinguish the infuriation vibes, we are having a good laugh about it.

A lot more fun than spending the evening in the local emergency department.

One response to “The perils of life in a campervan.”

  1. Such a beautiful memory.


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