Peace bell run.

Went for a run this afternoon (and whenever I say run, know that I mean slow shuffling jog) around the central basin of Lake Burley Griffin. Around about 6 kilometres all up.

It has been a warmish day (around 26 C) and the journey out to Kings Avenue Bridge was all shady and leafy and interspersed with interesting objects and people to distract me.
Up and across the bridge, and then turning back along the opposite shoreline I ran smack-bang directly into the sun.

It was not only hot, it was hot with marginal shade offerings. By now I was all sweaty and I had stupidly worn a black t-shirt, and black track suit pants, and bits of me were melting off and dropping to the ground in a splattering trail of molten anatomical liquifications.

I was carrying water in a small pack on my back, but you know, that would entail stopping and I wanted to try to complete a circumnavigation without stopping. So I pressed onwards enveloped in a dehydrated, kidney stone inducing stubbornness.
And I was wearing a hat, but my nose stuck out into the radiation (as it always seems to do) somewhat like the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon.
Note to self:  Next time you do a lake run, perhaps a little later in the day would be prudent.

Still, it was a magnificent day I suppose, and there were plenty of sensible people sitting about in romantic twos and frisbee throwing threes and picnicking family groups. In the shade. Drinking cold quenching beverages.
Enjoying themselves.
A few of them smiled at me sympathetically as I melted past.

I started and finished my ‘run’ at the Peace Bell which is located within Nara Peace Park.
The bell was installed earlier this year by the Lyons Club and the World Peace Bell Association, an organisation that installs Japanese temple bells in locations throughout the world.

At certain times you are able to ring the bell, known as Bonsho in Japanese, by swinging a large wooden beam that is suspended by ropes. Today was just such a day.
I have rung the Peace Bell in Cowra, and Hiroshima, so I couldn’t let the opportunity go by without sounding this one.
I hope you could hear it.

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  1. When u run it is always a learning curve Ian. Well done anyway


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