November likable links.

I thought I would start a monthly list of articles that I found worth lingering on whilst skipping around the world-wide web.
Here’s the first batch:

Somewhere slower: Byron Bay – an updated list of our favourite spots.

Courtney, Michael and their family are originally from London. After travelling around the world documenting their immersive experiences they have settled down in Byron Bay…one of our favourite destinations.  Now practically locals, this post gives a little inside scoop to the best places to eat, stay and shop.

Cycling tips: Why I stopped wearing a bike helmet.

Being an old emergency department nurse this title immediately had me ready to puff myself up in self-righteous critique mode.
But take a few moments to read through the whole article. Although I don’t think I have changed my opinion completely, the author makes some good points worth thinking about.

Reuters Foundation: World could feed itself if people ate less meat, cut waste.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that we need to take a long hard look at current farming and food waste/consumption practices. This short article looks at a recent Scandinavian study that recommends we eat less meat, halve food waste and adopt better farming practices.

Orion Magazine: Deep Intellect.

A captivating and enlightening read about the unexpected relationship between a reporter and an octupus. Some challenging questions about consciousness surface.
“I leaned over the tank to look again into her eyes, and she bobbed up to return my gaze. “She has eyelids like a person does,” Menashi said. He gently slid his hand near one of her eyes, causing her to slowly wink.”

Huffpost: Everything You Know about Obesity Is Wrong.

A longread on the public perception, medical discrimination and personal struggle experienced with obesity.
“We all have to do our best with the body that we have,”…..“And leave everyone else’s alone.”

OK that is some of the stuff that really dug in and got me questioning my thinking me this month.
I hope you might find something of interest to you.

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