There is this saying that everyone dies twice.
The first time is when your physical body dies.
The second time, is when your name is mentioned for the very last time.

I sort of get the same feeling about my own retirement from nursing. A little death of sorts to be sure as any retired nurse will tell you.

The first little death was that shift when I walked off the floor of the emergency department for the very last time.
And the second little death will be in 2 days when my online presence as disappears from the internet forever.
I have been writing online as a nurse since early 2000’s, so this is indeed the end of an era (for me at least).


Don’t get too melancholy though.
Sure its a little sad that all that writing, all those expressions and frustrations trying to capture my experiences,  and trying to voice what exactly it is to be a nurse, will be gone a singular electronic poof (don’t you think?).
But you see, it is time, and I am totally having a ball with no regrets whatsoever.
In fact I would say that the whole experience of leaving nursing has been surprisingly less like a death, and more like a rebirth.

Still, I am going to miss blogging as a nurse. And I do miss being part of the incredible nursing community.
Such is life.

NOTE: theNursePath facebook page  (111K followers and growing strong!) is NOT going anywhere and will continue to provide support, education and community for nurses under the expert care of Erica Donovan.

3 responses to “Goodbye”

  1. How about that Ian. Just bumped into this. Glad your retirement has been and is positive. Good fortune and thanks for all that you have offered over the years. Many years since we first met….2006 I think it was.


  2. Are the articles, education posts etc going to be archived anywhere Ian?
    (Apologies if youve been asked this already numerous times)


  3. Thanks for starting a platform that we (nurses) could all help one another and sometimes vent. I’m positive ED misses you very much. All the best on your retirement. The nursing community has one less brilliant nurse. x


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