Ripley rising.

Ripley has been in deep hibernation now for a couple of months.
But we are about to wake her up for a 3-month road trip we have been planning.

Rattling down the east coast and then on through Victoria. Across to Adelaide. And then perhaps across the Nullabor plain to Western Australia, or perhaps a squiggly backtrack before crossing to Tasmania.

Three months is quite a time to be on the road, so we have a few projects planned to spruce her up and get her in kick-arse shape for the flight.

I am going to attempt to install a UHF radio, which, with my electronic aptitude is likely to be an interesting exercise. Best stay well away for that one. There will be a language advisory no doubt.

On any mechanical repair job, ego comes in for rough treatment. You’re always being fooled, you’re always making mistakes, and a mechanic who has a big ego to defend is at a terrific disadvantage. If you know enough mechanics to think of them as a group, and your observations coincide with mine, I think you’ll agree that mechanics tend to be rather modest and quiet. There are exceptions, but generally, if they’re not quiet and modest at first, the works seem to make them that way. And skeptical. Attentive, but skeptical. But not egotistic. There’s no way to bullshit your way into looking good on a mechanical repair job, except with someone who doesn’t know what you’re doing.–Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

I also came up with a nifty idea for placing a fold-out TV mount over our bed that should hold our iPad in good position for nocturnal Netflix binging.

A few tasks then, and some routine maintenance, including replacing a few missing screws and re-sealing a few joints and cleaning the toilet and whatnot.

Undertaken in the context of the current flustering heatwave what could possibly go wrong?

7 responses to “Ripley rising.”

  1. Looking forward to all the Photo’s……have great and safe trip….little Jealous….

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  2. If you are passing through Narooma, sing out. I have an acre in town and dog friendly.


    1. Thanks Deirdre! We are discussing our route as we speak. Will get back to you.

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  3. My advice do Tasmania in February as weather and the water warmer out of school holidays quieter also do some walking in cradle mountain also 2-3 weeks is plenty of time to see the whole state St a nice pace cheers Freebie


    1. Thanks for the tips Paul (and great to hear from you). We are heading out late Feb. We have already done some exploring of Tas in a hired campervan. Will deffo revisit cradle mountain.


  4. Would love you both to come to perth so i can shout you a coffee in person xx


    1. Free coffee? You are tempting me Amanda. I’ll let you know if we are coming across. Would love to meet up.


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