Trip departure imminent.​

Well, we are just about ready to head off on our big road trip.
Ripley is all freshly lubricated and provisioned up and awaiting further instructions on the launchpad.

Kelly is busy stocking the fridge. Big thanks to Brian and Rhonda for the homegrown chilli olives. And thanks to mum and dad for the 20 months supply of chocolate covered goodies.

Whilst all this stocking is underway Juno is busy rearranging various items and shredding stuff he doesn’t think we need to take.
He has a minimalist sensibility, so that’s pretty much anything not nailed down.

Departure time is mid-morning tomorrow. We will first check the Victorian bush fire situation and adjust our trajectory accordingly.


Ian Miller

5 thoughts on “Trip departure imminent.​

    1. Where are you heading G& C , well be heading back about then Maybe we’ll cross paths . Have you traded the van yet ?? Kelly


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