Sleeping in the volcano.

Ok. Its an extinct volcano.

Mt Franklin was created by a large volcanic eruption 470,000 years ago.
Untold tonnes of ejecta, including granite, basalt, red & green olivine, megacrysts and scoria formed a high cone rising above the plain.

Today the crater is a free camping reserve set amongst thick stands of deciduous and conifer trees. During the ancient eruption lava breached the the eastern rim of the cone and today a narrow winding paved road accesses the crater at this point.

We found out it is a popular overnight destination and there were already quite a few camper vans and caravans on site by the time we pulled up late afternoon.
A group of French speaking teenagers in a small wagon-circle of vans were playing a game of boules just across from the site we selected.

The cool afternoon air was cupped in the shadow of crater providing welcome relief from yesterday’s heat. We took a short hike up the rim and back to warm up.

Our camp site for the night.
View out over the valley from the rim of the crater.

Kelly’s emergency cache of Gin.

And in other news we finally, christened our chemical toilet…, you know…in the solids department.
Hard to believe I know, but up until last night our loo was a number 2 virgin.
We just always seemed to have an alternative option at hand when nature called.

I am sworn to secrecy on specifics of who performed the actual deed…..but it was a big one. Commensurate with the significance of such a passing out ceremony.

And somehow today, Ripley and her passengers all seem a little more relaxed. Her toilet smells of roses. And all is well with the world.

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One response to “Sleeping in the volcano.”

  1. Matthew Yager Avatar

    My annual gift to a friend is to empty her composting toilet – which I suggested, purchased & installed a few years ago. Not as bad as it sounds – compost gets buried on her farm. Although we have had some lively conversations about the difference in TP bulk (& subsequent compost efficiency) between ‘folders and scrunchers’


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