Laundry day

A sunny, windy day can only mean one thing…

It’s time to tackle that large bag of dirty laundry. And let’s do the sheets whilst we’re at it!

When travelling in a 7×3 metre home it only takes about 6 minutes for the inside of Ripley to look like a total rubbish tip. But luckily it only takes 10 minutes to make her spick and span. 5 minutes if I help out too.

Today we stopped at Coonalpyn another small town that has used Silo Art to boost its tourism.

Artist Guido van Helten completed this impressive 30 metre high work in 2017. They depict five Coonalpyn Primary School children.

Guidio said in an interview:

the children represented the future of the town, and he hoped the giant art work might inspire those children and others “to a path through creative industries”. –ABC news.

These silos are really well done don’t you think? And as a bonus, the small cafe on the opposite side of the highway served us the best two coffees we have had so far this trip.

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