Crystal Brook.

Tonight we are stopping in the small town of Crystal Brook in South Australia.

We have just arrived back from an evening brew at the local pub. On the walk back Juno experienced his first freight train at close quarters. The poor little fellow found the squeaking, rattling, hissing mass of it all somewhat intimidating.

So now he is sitting on the bed, staring unblinkingly out the at the tracks that run past not far away, on train watch.

Earlier today we spent a few hours poking around the village of Hahndorf, amongst the Adelaide hills. Originally settled by a community of Prussian immigrants in the 1830’s, the town is now a tourist destination with strong Germanic influences in architecture and bespoke wares.

We totally stumbled into this place whilst searching for a caffeine fix. Turned out to be a stop we would highly recommend spending some time to check out.

One response to “Crystal Brook.”

  1. Deirdre Russack Avatar
    Deirdre Russack

    My family was some of those Prussian immigrants but in Springton/Birdwood/Chain of Ponds.

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