Nothing to see here


Kelly is doing the Valley of Giants tree top walk. It’s in a national park and therefore dogs are verboten.

We are finding it a little difficult right now, as most of the interesting places we want to visit are in national parks.

I totally understand why many people don’t want dogs to be allowed in national parks, and if I didn’t have one, I would be one of them.

However, I do, and so I would like to see the actual evidence of the environmental impact that a small, on-lead, poop-collected, well-controlled dog, staying within well used public areas & pathways imposes on the ecosystem.

From my own experience, a rowdy group of teenagers or an off-lead 5 year old will generate just as much if not a whole mess more auditory, olfactory, and physical disturbance.

So in a small stand of civil disobedience, we have snuck in anyways, ’cause Kelly really wanted to see this.

I’m hanging back inside Ripley.

Juno and I. Nothing to see here except two rebels trying to remain super stealthy and canine-invisibalis.

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2 responses to “Nothing to see here”

  1. I’ve notified ASIO. Not about the dog, but you and the ScoMo beanie. Obviously up to no good 🙂


  2. Absolutely totally agree on all aspects.
    Btw is that a GPS watch? ?
    Looks like u will be coming to perth via Margaret river , dunsborough and busselton.
    U will love these spots. Lots of good coffee spots too. I love yahalva… enjoy


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