Pickled olives

Celebrating the end of another day on the road.

Snuck into another neat free spot for the evening. I think we are turning into slightly unkept gipsies.

A glass of Wynns Estate, cheese and biscuits….and some chilli pickled olives, homemade by our neighbours Rhonda & Brian. Thanks guys, we’ve been saving them for a special occasion and as we are in an olive growing area, tonight seemed most appropriate. They went down a treat.

Today was spent wandering the backroads of this area. Never exactly lost, but frequently geographically distracted.

2 responses to “Pickled olives”

  1. Stephanie Magill Avatar
    Stephanie Magill

    Sadly not all dog owners act responsibly Ian, spoils it for all those that are.
    Enjoying following your travels.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brian and Rhonda Avatar
    Brian and Rhonda

    Chuffed that you enjoyed the olives and we follow your travels with many great memories.


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