A magic Autumn day today.
Parked Ripley up in a great spot right beside the beach and within a short stroll of the Busselton Jetty.

This is the longest wooden jetty in the Southern Hemisphere at around 2 kilometres, and it sweeps out to end at an underwater observatory. Unfortunately our planned walk was slightly soured as dogs were verboten on the jetty.

I must say that we have been really disappointed at how many of the sites that we wanted to see in Western Australia have been dog unfriendly. In fact we have skipped quite a few as it was just too difficult to organise (in the national parks you cannot even take them into the park and then have one of us stay in the van with them).

Thankfully there have been plenty of alternates.
So. Kelly and I took turns walking the length of the jetty and then did a lap of the township in search of coffee and 2nd hand bookshops.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reading and soaking up the views around Ripley.

I may have had a nap.

Tomorrow we head up to Bunbury to pick up a package, then we turn south again and head back to Albany.

We are preparing to nudge our way up for another crossing of the Nullarbor.

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2 responses to “Busselton”

  1. Great Photo’s…love the one of Juno looking out the window…..should tell people Juno is a companion Dog…..can stop you then….loking forward to next instalment…


  2. Sorry you not coming to perth.
    Am shocked too at the amount of places not dog friendly as Busselton has many dog rescue centres too. Greyhounds in particular. So would have thought dogs would be free to go anywhere.


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