We rolled into Bunbury to pick up a package ( a replacement hinge for Ripley’s cabin door…long story for another time) and we didn’t really have any plans other than that.

On the way into town, Kelly read of a free camping area for self-contained vehicles right on the beachfront. So we thought we had better check it out.

Turns out that Bunbury is just a little bit awesome when it comes to RV visitors. A lady at the information centre confirmed that yes indeed there is limited free parking for up to 48 hours for self-contained caravans and motorhomes. They are running this as a trial and you first need to apply for a permit (at the information centre) and complete a short questionnaire.

And that’s it. Free overnight parking a 2 minute walk from the town centre and absolutely overlooking the ocean. We have a sweet park right outside our door and public toilets just over yonder.

First, a little shopping, then checked out the excellent art gallery, re-caffeinated, up to the lighthouse, over to a lookout, way back over to another lookout and then back to Ripley just in time to catch the sunset.

Then re re-caffeinate, into town for way too much pizza, try to walk it off, fail… waddle back to Ripley just a little sunstruck, totally exhausted and all of us totally ready for bed. It’s eight thirty-five PM.

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