Just spent 3 days chilling in the village of Greenock nestled into the edge of the Barossa Valley.

We had intended to spend one night here but the campsite area was so good we were forced to linger. This makes 5 nights straight of being off-grid, free (or low-cost) overnighting, a new record for us.

We were parked up in Centenary Park ($5 a night for up to 7 nights). The park is a 2 min walk from the village and has clean toilets, drinking water and a dump station. Combined with the solar-charging sunny days, this combination was a perfect opportunity to rest and recharge for both Ripley and us.

In gratitude we made sure we spent a little money in the community (although I think Kelly may have been a little too grateful with the old credit card).

Lazy days spent wandering around the peppercorn-tree lined streets of the village, reading, cleaning Ripley and generally debriefing from what has been some high-mileage adventures.

The large playing field gave us an opportunity to let Juno off-lead for the first really good run around he has had in weeks (there are signs warning of poison baiting in many of the areas we stayed in Western Australia). Not only did he get to crazy-frolic-pee-poop, he got to play chase and butt sniff with a heap of local dogs. He was ecstatic.

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