Plastic fruit & veg

And whilst on the topic of plastic packaging…I decided to make my world famous vegetarian pizza for dinner tonight. So I grabbed my eco-friendly shopping bag that I bought at my local Woolworths supermarket, stuffed it with some reusable fruit and veg bags and headed off to grab some toppings.

Unfortunately, the very same supermarket that made me feel (at least a little bit) sanctimonious by purchasing one of their feel-good bags, makes me feel decidedly less feel-good when actually buying stuff in their fruit and veg section.
To be fair, there are some sections that contain produce not wrapped in plastic. But I roughly estimated it as a 50/50 ratio.
Really? There is absolutely no need for this.

Meanwhile, just across the way at an independent fruit and vegetable store things are a little different. There were indeed some items in plastic packaging, but not many.
Do you see big chain supermarkets? It’s not rocket science.

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  1. Hi Ian…So pleased you and Kelly are well. You may be happy to know that the hospital is getting rid of the styrofoam cups and plastic straws. Going to cardboard. Just using up all the current stock and they will be switching over.


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