Mortons on the Move.

There are quite a few YouTube channels depicting life on the road in campervans, motorhomes and other RV’s.
Some of them are quirky, clunky, point and shoot affairs, whilst others are polished, meticulously produced shows.

Mortons on the Move falls into the latter category.
It follows the adventures of Tom and Kait Morton, a young couple living in the United States who, along with their two dogs, have been living and working on the road full-time since 2015.

Right now they are embarking on a 10,000 mile trip in their new Lance Camper Trailer. North through Canada and Alaska and eventually up to the Arctic Circle. I have only just started following the Mortons, but their content (a mix of reality videography and technical information) looks promising.

You can check out this video to get a taste or follow them via their website:

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One response to “Mortons on the Move.”

  1. Thanks Ian…you have got me hooked and now I will follow them too…..


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