Pre-trip test (an audio experiment).

Getting ready to depart with Juno and Ripley on a mystery trip north (a mystery to me that is) for at least a few weeks. We should be departing sometime in the next few days.

I thought I might experiment with adding a few audio supplements to my blog posts during the trip. Just some short sound bites with the intent to er…enhance the user experience.

If the sound file is at the beginning of the post it is more of an ambient soundscape that you can (if you choose to) listen to whilst reading the post to get some idea of the acoustic environment I am experiencing.

If the sound file is at the end of the post it will be me trying to say something remotely interesting (but more likely babbling semi-incoherently) about the day’s experiences. This is intended to be listened to after reading the post.

Let me know what you think. Here is a test sample.

One response to “Pre-trip test (an audio experiment).”

  1. That was fun! I look forward to reading and hearing about the upcoming trip. Cheers from coast of Georgia, SE USA. 🙂


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