Not yet gone.

A cold blustering Canberra day.
Originally I had planned to leave on my trip today but a combination of waiting for a package to arrive, pre-trip inertia and a cold front has delayed our departure.

Friday morning is now looking good, with a rough plan of heading north-west through Boorowa and then up to Cowra, on to Dubbo, across to Tamworth and then upwards towards Armidale.
At least that’s my back-of-a-napkin route. From that point there are just pencilled-in possibilities.
Things will no doubt evolve during the journey.

(click link for map)
11 C
0 Km

With all the packing and re-stocking of Ripley, Juno seems know that something is up… Im not sure how he feels about the prospect of another bumpy road trip, but as long as there are regular pee stops, rambling walks, and a steady supply of snacks I think we will work it all out.

Juno has his own way of psyching himself up for a trip.

I took Juno for a chilly walk this morning finishing up at his favourite coffee shop where he was delighted to meet an adopted greyhound.
Despite my initial reservations involving greyhounds genetic urges to chase down small fluffy animals and Juno’s genetic urge to be one, they got on swimmingly. Its funny, but despite never having really considered this particular breed as a pet, I have now met quite a few greyhounds that are family pets and they always seem quiet, super gentle and very intelligent.

So. We are pretty much locked and loaded. I just need to load my bike on Ripley’s rack. Stock her fridge with a few perishables, and we will be away.

I am a coiled spring ready to go. But first a coffee. Or two.

Featured image via Patty Jansen.

2 responses to “Not yet gone.”

  1. Amanda Walker Avatar
    Amanda Walker

    Can certainly confer that greyhounds are adorable lazy loving pets. I rescued one 4yrs ago.


  2. Looking forward to this trip ian…really enjoy your Blogs…


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