The Banana Splits Club

I have no idea why the theme tune to the Banana Splits Club was on constant replay in my head. I don’t even think I want to know.

But there it was…over and over.
Tra, la, la…
La-la, la, la…

Resistance was futile, and in a singular act of overt nastiness, I duly infected Kelly by singing it enthusiastically and repeatedly in various keys as we drove out to buy some fresh vegetables. And as we drove back. And as we unpacked them and put them away…you get the idea.

For those who are young and have no idea what I am talking about, the Banana Splits Club was an American TV show that (originally) aired in the late 1960s.
It featured a band of fleecy costumed animals that held their Banana Split club meetings and introduced regular cartoon and film segments like ‘The Arabian Knights’ and ‘Danger Island’.
It is the first TV show I can remember regularly watching as a kid.

Let’s see. There was Drooper the lion, Snork the elephant, Bingo the ape and a dog called….a dog called……what was the name of that dog?
Kelly couldn’t remember either, and as is the case in these situations it was immediately verboten to pick up our phone and Google it.

No. One of us had to dig it out from our own mental archives of broken links and corrupted files.
And when they did, they would surely be a winner winner chicken dinner (tofu dinner in my case).

So the whole day was wasted singing and dancing to the Banana Splits Club theme, making up shit to fill in the forgotten words, remembering episodes of Danger Island, infecting as many others as we possibly could with our lyrics, and going certifiably crazy at not being able to remember the name of the dog ( I think he was supposed to be a Beagle actually).

Post script:

Of course as always happens, the harder you try to remember something like this, the deeper you push it into the depths of your reptilian brain. Eventually, we could stand it no longer and pulling up the YouTube clip of the opening song put it all to rest.

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