Jugiong by milky way

Stopped in Jugiong (map) for the night.

Got away from Albury Wodonga a little later than planned which made for a spectacular trip as the sun set just so magnificently behind a rolling swell of green hills.

Ripley’s service went well and the oil leak that I had been so concerned about turned out to be nothing more than a loose oil filter.

Anyways, by the time I arrived in Jugiong it was dark. And freezing! The RV campground was practically deserted making site selection a snap. Once settled in I walked across the road to grab dinner at the local pub.

Outside the milky way was a granular neon ribbon of crystals. So bright it illuminated the tussocks of grass along the way and lit my out-breath in white clouds of phosphorescent chill.

The pub was warm and seemed to to have drawn most of the locals in tonight. The girl behind the bar had a thick Welsh accent which I think is in my top 3 favorite accents of all time…so I drank my beer at the bar (which I seldom ever do) just so I could eavesdrop on her banter with the regulars.

Filled with chips and beer and warmed through and through besides the slow combustion fires, I lingered and loitered, and languished until there the only option left…was a shivering scamper back into Ripley.

Nothing left to do now but put on my thermal underwear, burrow deep under the blankets, and read for a good while.

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One response to “Jugiong by milky way”

  1. Jugiong is lovely- one of my favourite stopovers. Once I arrived early morning and a polo match was on- an amazing sight in the winter sunshine-all those steaming polo ponies.
    Love the Long Track Pantry too.

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