Horror in Idlib

Let’s take a sobering break from my usual sorts of posts.

This picture was taken during the week in Ariha, a rural area of Idlib province in Syria.

Airstrikes by the Syrian government and Russian forces have intensified this week resulting in many civilian deaths.

The number of children killed in Idlib in the last four weeks has exceeded the total for 2018 according to ‘Save the Children’.

In this remarkable picture a father screams in agony as his 5-year-old daughter clings to her younger sister’s T-shirt to stop her from falling multiple stories from the bombed building. I believe the 5 year old died later in hospital.

The picture has haunted me since I saw it on SBS news.

I hope it speaks to you also.

Most governments continue to ignore this deteriorating situation in Syria and mainstream media coverage is relatively poor.

Something must be done to stop this indiscriminate carnage of innocent civilians.

(Photo credit: SY24 photographer Bashar al-Sheikh who took the children to hospital after taking this photo)

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6 responses to “Horror in Idlib”

  1. It’s absolutely horrific thank you for sharing


  2. Thanks for sharing this, sometimes we need reminders to keep trying to do what we can for others, and the horrible reality of what others are suffering through. I shared to facebook, it is a very powerful reminder to do what we can, even if all we can do is, bear witness.


  3. Innocent Children…..when will it ever stop….


  4. Thank goodness for those White Helmets


  5. Man’s inhumanity to man. Will it ever end? _/\_


  6. This screams at me.The inhumanity.


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