How to fold your stuff.

One of my jobs today was to bring in the washing.

Since retiring I have totally rebelled against unnecessary ironing (which I hate).
So I like to get my T-shirts fresh off the washing line and fold & stack them neatly.
In my opinion, this leaves them totally un-crumpled enough for wearing proudly without so much as a twinge of ironing shame. Ditto most of my pants.

Kelly, on the other hand, is a stickler for ironing and… well let’s just say she will ‘firmly castigate me’ if she catches any attempt at sneaking a folded iron-free stack of T’s up to the bedroom (especially if they are hers).
So it’s tricky.

When she is not around it turns out I quite enjoy the process of folding a chaotic pile of tangled clothes down into organised columns of neatly stacked habiliments.
The whole thing can be quite meditative really.

Although one thing always frazzles any state of transcendence I may be experiencing.

Fitted sheets!

How are you supposed to fold these things?!?

Well, today I did a bit of poking around on YouTube (you see I have so much extra time without all that ironing!) and found this….

Suspend your immediate reflex of cringing to the schmaltzy production values and you will find some pretty useful instruction on how to neatly fold just about any item of laundry you could imagine. Including my current T-shirt folding techniques.
Plus some serviette origami.
And a few other random householder tips thrown in, well …because its YouTube.

So there you have it.
Go forth and fold.

Perfect for making the most of the limited space in your caravan or campervan.
Mind you, watching someone else doing it is one thing… actually integrating these processes into your own regular laundry routine is another thing altogether. Results may vary.

I think one of the comments made on YouTube to the video sums it up perfectly…..

1956: In 2019 we will have flying cars
2019: grown-ups still learning how to fold
Tayla Neisius

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6 responses to “How to fold your stuff.”

  1. Great video, probably have to watch several times to get it !!!


  2. Hi Ian hope you don’t mind but I just put a link on my blog to your blog, once a month I try to link to other great content on the web and you are it for this month, unfortunately it might not grow your blog much, but it is just my acknowledgement of other great bloggers and content. A bit of a cheat since it saves me from coming up with new content, I get to highlight someone else who is a great blogger and should be read. I particularly highlighted your snakebite first aid post, as a big bush walker I figured this is something everyone who regularly goes bush should know about and it is always surprising when you run into people who are totally unprepared for the environment they are walking in. I just added links in the post and encouraged people to check out your blog. I hope others stumble across shojiwax and enjoy reading as much as I do.
    There is much to be said for not ironing!


    1. Hey thanks Sharon. Appreciate it.
      Well done with the monthly content link.
      This used to be the way bloggers would connect and build communities before everything became Facebook-centric and I really think we should try to look for more decentralised and organic ways to make and share content. Now I’m​ off to check out your own work!


  3. You need to check out the YouTube video on how to put a doona inside a doona cover
    That is gold!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I thought Kelly was starchy 🙂 Leonie goes and checks how I hang her washing out. Not that she does any herself. Let’s not mention her 40 year clothing collection either. Or the moth balls. Well written.


  5. Deirdre Russack Avatar

    I can proudly say I have never ironed a T-shirt and, in fact, cannot remember the last time I ironed anything. I do, however, fold fitted sheets with aplomb.

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