The hidden iPhone app you don’t even know you need.

Perhaps you already know about this, but I just found out about a hidden setting on the iPhone that is super useful.

The setting is called Magnifier. It turns the iPhone camera into a pretty nifty magnifying glass. To turn it on do this:

  1. Goto Settings.
  2. Goto General
  3. Goto Accessibility (on iOS 13 I believe Accessibility is found under Settings)
  4. Turn ON Magnifier

Thats it.

Now, to activate the magnifier all you need to do is click the OFF button (R side) of your iPhone 3 times in quick succession.

You will then see the app that looks like this:

Juno’s nose.

You can zoom in on the thing you are looking at using the slider, turn on the iPhones flashlight using the lightning bolt, and take a picture of what ever it is you are looking at using the button.

I can think of a bazillion instances travelling or otherwise where this magnifier would be useful including:

  • Reading maps.
  • Checking to see if that little black ‘thing’ on Juno is a Tick.
  • Reading the small print (and as Im getting older, its ALL small print).
  • Looking at bugs and mushrooms and suchlike.
  • Assisting with splinter extraction.
  • Checking for potential skin cancers.

This (hidden) functionality has been available on the iPhone for some time. But as I said….Im a little slow discovering these sorts of things. I hope you might find this info useful as well.

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