Scotty’s Gone Walkabouts

There is now a whole genre of so-called ’Bushcraft’ videos that have become very popular on YouTube.

Bushcraft (in the social media context) seems to involve promoting the outdoor skills of carrying a what must be ridiculously heavy pack (standard kit usually includes a tarp, cooking gear, an axe, a foldable silky saw, fishing rod, large amounts of paracord, a few cans of craft beer, large knife and an ample supply of gourmet camp food) and then hiking out to some preferably remote and beautiful location to film it.

Once camp has been established, it is time to engage in traditional bush crafts such as building natural shelters, starting camp-fires with ferro rods, flint or friction (not a Bic lighter to be seen), cooking large slabs of well seasoned prime cuts of meat or freshly caught fish, taste testing the beers, discussing in detail the extensive contents of the pack you have just lugged in, and carving wooden spoons.

All jibing aside, some of these videos are really quite engaging, for example, here are a few I regularly check in on:

There do not seem to be a lot of Australian bushcraft channels out there which is suprising considering our outdoor culture… but here is one that I think is pretty good.

Scotty’s gone walkabouts is a relatively new channel (at around 12 months old) but it has already amassed 18K followers. Scott is developing some great videography skills at capturing the sights and sounds of the Australian bush… and it is great to see someone sharing their obvious love and enjoyment of this great brown land.

You can follow Scott’s YouTube channel here.
And you can follow him on Instagram here.

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