My go-to weather apps

Be it planning your next trip route, preparing for incoming storms or simply deciding if you should grab a T-shirt or a jumper, the amount and accuracy of weather data available to us on demand via our smartphones these days is incredible.

Over time I have tried out quite a few weather apps on my iPhone, and these are my current 2 go-to apps.

Rain Parrot:

Rain Parrot, as the name suggests, is predominantly focused on rain prediction. The neat thing about it is you can set it to give you ample warning of incoming showers or storms, a task it accomplishes with a high degree of accuracy in my experience. It is also pretty spot on at predicting the intensity and duration of impending rain.

I use Rain Parrot mainly as a real-time notification alert rather than for long term forecasting/planning.

Willy Weather:

This is my fave. There is a ton of information packed into this app. Rainfall radar, wind speeds, temperature, predicted forecasts, UV index, tides, moon phases. It’s all here and presented in well designed graphical displays. An essential app for anyone interested in keeping up to date with weather forecasting in Australia.

Both these apps are free (with ads) but I recommend supporting the developers by paying for them if you find them useful.

Note: this is NOT a paid promotional post. I just really like these apps.

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