Canberra lake walk

Canberra slings the spring vibes like an uber-boss today. Juno and I go for a lake walk down past the National Library, and on to the High Court of Australia.

Not a cloud in the sky. It’s all blossom and wattle and bikes and babies and ice creams and dogs. Everyone is out airing their summer wardrobe and Instagramming the heck out of it all.

Juno and I stop for a coffee before finding a patch of lush grass down besides the art gallery to spread out and read for a good long while. Shoes and socks off. Listening to happy chatter on the breeze. Toes wiggling into cool clover. Offline. Earthing to the moments.

“The universe is a great unknown wonderful place, and we know nothing, really, to speak of about it. I think that either depresses and frightens one or is exhilarating. We are very important, and we’re not important in quite the way we think we are. Each one of us is unique, and we can find out a whole lot just by examining ourselves. I think that’s the essential thing. Not paying attention to how you’re going to make money, just paying attention to whatever is around you. Each one of those seconds is your only chance. It’s your life. And it’s wonderful. The more attention that we pay to our ordinary lives leads to a real elation that we’re here at all.” –W.S. Merwin

2 responses to “Canberra lake walk”

  1. Great Pics Ian…Canberra always puts on a show in Spring….miss it…


  2. Canberra’s best season. Reminds me that it is surrounded by bush and farmland- a unique positioning.

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