Next up: NZ road trip!

Just a few weeks now until Kelly and I head off on a New Zealand road trip. We are hiring a campervan (from wilderness motorhomes) and setting forth to explore the south island for 10 days.

This is, I think, our 4th or perhaps even our 5th trip to New Zealand. It is a wild and beautiful country with breathtaking scenery, rich culture and endless opportunity for adventure and exploration. We love it.

If you have never explored New Zealand, the video below does a pretty good job of capturing the vibe of the place when travelling in a campervan.

Of course I will be documenting our own trip right here, so if you don’t want to miss the spectacle and inevitable epic screw-ups (you know you want them) of our journey please subscribe or bookmark this site.

3 responses to “Next up: NZ road trip!”

  1. Have a wonderful trip.


  2. Can’t wait to follow you both around NZ!


  3. Lucky you. Look forward to seeing your posts xx


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