Our dog

Our dog has issues.

He gets crazy anxious when travelling.
Or visiting the Vet.
Or thunderstorms.
Or shadows.
Or trains.
Or bells.
Or for no particular reason.

He is obsessed with socks.
And bras.
And shoes.
And plastic flowerpots.
(They must all be shaken until dead and then hidden outside).

He farts. A lot.

He ignores us when we want him to come.
He is all over us when three is definately a crowd.

He barks at postmen
And unexpected noises
And possums
And things.

He sometimes pees a little bit when welcoming us home.
Even if we have been gone a few moments.

Our dog has issues.
But we are working on them.

And he is working on us.

That’s the way it is with dogs.

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3 responses to “Our dog”

  1. Could be worse, I have a delinquent that fights with everyone and appears to have a serious drug habit, (the cat nip), oh and for good measure he occasionally pees on my stuff. Want to swap?


    1. that should have said delinquent cat


  2. Are you sure you are not talking about yourself??? 🙂 Woof, woof!


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