Photography: Aperture explained (finally)!

I really enjoy messing about with photography, and I have actually decided to commit a little time to try to develop my digital photography skills beyond my current blunderbuss technique:

  1. Point (every-which-way) and shoot (a lot, a lot) and hope one will come out half decent.
  2. Delete everything else and pretend that was your intended shot.

To start off with I thought I would revisit the concept of Aperture. Something I think I sorta understand… but not really.

Poking around YouTube there are a metric tonne of video tutorials explaining aperture. Some of them are pretty slick too. But for pure simplicity and clarity this one stood out.

Chris Bray is an Australian photographer who has worked for Australian Geographic and has been published in National Geographic, TIME magazine, Discovery Channel etc.

After watching this short video everything became crystal clear. I especially liked his use of the: fffffffffffffff analogy for explaining the use of depth of field and f/stop.
It’s simple.

If you are interested in improving your own photography skills you can watch the whole suite of Chris Bray’s digital photography tutorials right here.

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