An ordinary evening

It is an ordinary evening.
Dinner is done and the dishes are either washed up or stacked not so neatly in the dishwasher.

Kelly and I are reclined out in our respective favourite chairs, sipping on tea and deciding between watching one of the YouTube channels we follow or catching a French police drama series on SBS. We opt for YouTube, mainly because I am now several episodes behind Kelly in the drama… due entirely to the fact that I keep falling asleep 5 minutes in. The combination of reading subtitles on a full belly whilst slumped out on the couch just gives me the nods.

Juno has made himself super comfortable in Kelly’s lap. He doesn’t speak French and he doesn’t read English so he has checked out for the evening… unless, of course, he is triggered by the appearance of a dog on the TV or our local possum climbing the tree outside. Both scenarios will require immediate check-in for some enthusiastic and animated barking.

Just over a week now until our New Zealand trip. There is a long list of to-do’s that I still have to tackle before we go. I like the convenience of using a to-do app to track all this…my problem is that it is a lot easier to continuously move the due date back ( just a couple of taps) each time a task is flagged than to actually do the task and tick the box.

Due to my habitual slack arsed procrastination, what was a nice even-spread and totally doable timeline trajectory of scheduled tasks has all scrunched itself up into a dark and tangled mass of critical actions that probably won’t actually get done anyway.

Luckily it’s only a couple of taps to delete them. There, there and there. It’s somehow deeply satisfying to see that list get shorter.

Such is the power of technology.

Right now I can’t quite remember what tasks are at the top of my list, and I cant quite reach my iPhone to check the app. I’ll put it off till tomorrow. French is a sing song lullaby and the words on the TV are beginning to swim.

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