U2 concert.

Tomorrow we are driving up to Sydney to catch the U2 concert on Friday. Anyone else going?

I’m looking forward to seeing such an iconic band live in what might just well be their last tour down under.

I used to be a huge fan of U2 back in the day ( circa Joshua Tree, War, Rattle & Hum etc)…their more recent stuff, not so much.

And partnering with Apple to automatically download their free album Songs of Innocence onto our iTunes playlists whether you wanted it or not was a little, well let’s just say… annoyingly un-skilful.

Despite this, I always considered Bono to be one of those few celebrities who can successfully pull off the art of exuding that ineffable quality of quiet cool. Edge ditto.

I always wanted to be a Bono.

Anyways, we will be staying with Kelly’s sisters family which, based on previous performances I have attended will be even more enjoyable than the U2 concert. Far more easy to smuggle alcohol into. And exponentially cheaper.

Photo credits: Todd Poirier

4 responses to “U2 concert.”

  1. We saw them in Melbourne last week. It was so good to see them in such fine form. They have certainly still got it!!!

    Enjoy! I know you will have a fantastic time.


  2. Enjoy, was a big fan of the earlier stuff like Joshua Tree and Rattle & Hum, feeling my age, I was student back then.

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  3. My friends saw them in NZ. Said they were fab xx

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  4. Hope it is great. Never been a U2 fan but understand the excitement.


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