The house that Ian built.

One of my quiet obsessions is watching videos on environmentally friendly architecture, alternative & self-sufficient living spaces and processes of deep craftmanship (for example THIS is one youtube channel I enjoy). This is probably some psychic grasping compensation for the fact I am illiterate to any building or creating abilities.

I tell you that so I can show you this. Ian Trumbull built this circular structure from second-hand materials back in 1987. The building is constructed of stone with an earth roof and rock wool insulation and is intended as a space for singing and meditation.

What stands out for me however is not the building, but the person who built it. Ian is one of those people who just seem to immediately lift your spirits on exposure to them.

You probably wouldn’t look twice at him if you passed him in the street. And if he does have an Instagram account, I’ll bet he has bugger all subscribers. A simple man, with his old patch repaired coat and creaky bike and floppy crocks, who nevertheless seems to posess something of great value. I could have listened to him yap on about his life and architectural creations for a good deal longer.

Ian Trumbull is definitely a person of interest. He seems to have a twinkle about him, and the world could do with more like him. IMHO.

Oh, dont let the singing at the start of this clip put you off (hit the 26 sec mark to skip it).

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2 responses to “The house that Ian built.”

  1. Loved it too. Reminds me of my dad..he always says “you never know when u might need a piece of wood ” he picks up stuff from bulk rubbish all the time


  2. Deirdre Russack Avatar

    Very interesting. Great recycling and I liked the singing.

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