How do you sleep when it’s 43 degrees Celsius?

Many parts of Australia are expecting temperatures consistently approaching or above 40 C (105 F) this week. Some areas will top 45 C (113 F).

It’s hard enough trying to get our day to day activities done in these conditions, but imagine for a moment if you were trying to sleep through them overnight.

For many shift workers this is a reality. Nurses, doctors, police, security guards and many other professions who will struggle with trying to sleep through their ’nights’ of swealtering heat.

This weeks forecast for my hometown of Canberra.

Some of course will have air conditioning, making it easier. But many do not.

For them, broken or lack of sleep can have a significant impact on their performance and decision-making abilities. Not to mention their mood. And for essential services such as doctors, nurses, police etc that are required to make many critical clear-headed decisions whilst the rest of us are sleeping…this is a real problem.

So. Shout out to the shift workers. May you sleep well despite the heat this week.

2 responses to “How do you sleep when it’s 43 degrees Celsius?”

  1. On Friday the town I live in is forecast to reach 48…..and I work night shift! Oh well the aircon and fan will get a good work out!

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  2. Yep its stinking hot in Perth alright. Imagine also going through menopausal hot flashes and night sweats too.. it’s a barrel of laughs..
    But thanks for thinking of us


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